(SATB Choir and piano).
Total duration ca. 5 minutes (2002)
Published by Activist Music (ASCAP).
Commissioned in 2002 by the University Campus Choir
One movement work. 20 pages, 8.5" x 11".

Also available for SSA and piano.
And for the brave, this piece is also available in the hilarious and brazen
alternate spoof version
, "Celibate!".  Someone had to do it.
If interested, email your request to Activist Music

Premiered in June 2002 in Los Angeles, CA. by
the University Campus Choir.

Audio clip performed by the Walden School Choir, Patricia Plude, piano; Leo Wanenchek, conductor.




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Celebrate! does just that: it rejoices in the significance of music and friendship. I was quite honored to be asked to compose something special for the University Campus Choir in Los Angeles to commemorate the occasion of their twentieth anniversary. I was equally delighted when it was suggested that I write the lyrics as well, and as the piece came together I reflected on the precious camaraderie developed over the passing of time and shared experiences. This devoted amateur choir has taken to heart the lyrics, "appreciate each moment and appreciate each friend," and I was thrilled to be a part of their celebration.



words by Alex Shapiro

Lyric excerpt:

Something in your life,
Someone in your heart,
Somewhere beautiful inside you,
Lives a spirit that will fill your soul.

Each road that you will take,
Each song that you will sing,
Appreciate each day you’re given,
A single voice becomes part of a whole.

Join us now! Celebrate, celebrate! Join us now! Celebrate, celebrate!
Join us now! Celebrate, celebrate! Come together, come to celebrate!....



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