Shiny Kiss


(Solo Flute).
Total duration ca. 4 minutes (1999)
Published by Activist Music (ASCAP).
Commissioned in 1999 by flutist Chelsea Czuchra.
One movement work. 7 pages, 8.5" x 11".

Premiered in October 1999 in Carmel, CA. by Chelsea Czuchra.


Recorded in July 2000 in Los Angeles, CA.
by Jenni Olson, flute.


Audio clip performed by Jenni Olson, flute.


Shiny Kiss is also available for Alto Flute.

Audio clip performed by Daniel Kessner, alto flute.



Jenni Scott CD
This piece is featured on Jenni Scott [Olson]'s 2006 CD, Jenni Scott.
Click CD for more info.
Dreams of Birds CD
Jenni Olson has also recorded Alex's Intermezzo, for bass flute and harp, for her 2012 CD, The Dreams of Birds,on Delos Records.
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Listen to audio clips of this piece on C Flute
1. Shiny Kiss-C flute
2. Shiny Kiss-C flute
Listen to this piece on Alto Flute
Shiny Kiss-alto flute


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Shiny Kiss was composed with the intent to showcase a player's tone and to contrast the more gymnastic nature of other contemporary pieces in the repertoire, and the music is based on a short poem I wrote of the same title. With so many wonderful solo flute pieces being written that explore every possible extended technique available to both the instrument and the accomplished player, Shiny Kiss is a modern yet highly lyrical piece that explores linear musical emotion. The title refers to the way stage lights bounce and reflect off of a metal flute and how a flutist's mouth graces the embouchure. This simple hollow tube is the vehicle for such passionate expression, and just watching expert lips coaxing music from it can be a nearly voyeuristic experience.




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Shiny Kiss

Passion searches
for its partner
through air that moves
and breathes


into your ear
slowly first
then quicker gasps
it finds you


reflecting light
and sound
with lips pressed
against cool metal


It sings to you
it moans
eager to seduce
all that lives between the air
and you


barely touching
neck hair
this shiny kiss.

© Copyright Alex Shapiro





Enjoy this video of flutist Kathleen Purcell
performing SHINY KISS
on March 20, 2016 in Santa Cruz, CA:



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