Water Crossing

(Bb Clarinet and Electronic soundscape).
Total duration 9:30; (2002)
Published by Activist Music LLC (ASCAP).

Commissioned in 2002 by
F. Gerard Errante.
One movement work. 10 pages, 8.5" x 11".

This piece is adaptable; most solo woodwinds will work.


Audio clip performed by F. Gerard Errante.



Also available as:


Water Voyage

(Bb Clarinet Duet and Electronic soundscape).
Total duration 9:30; (2007)
Published by Activist Music LLC (ASCAP).

One movement work. 13 pages, 8.5" x 11".


Water Voyages

(Bb Clarinet, Bassoon, and Electronic soundscape).
Total duration 9:3
0; (2018)
Published by Activist Music LLC (ASCAP).
One movement work. 17 pages, 8.5" x 11".





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Water Crossing



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Water Crossing
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Score and audio track available from Activist Music:
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Water Crossing was commissioned by clarinetist F. Gerard Errante. Gerry is a remarkable advocate for some of the most adventurous and ear-bending contemporary music around; his virtuosic ability and good natured tenacity have brought countless new works to the fore over the years. Recently, his thoughts turned toward creating a different sort of CD: one comprised of music that was calming but not brain-dead, which could be a relaxing alternative to the usual tracks heard in doctor's offices and elevators. Thus, the arrival of this piece.



One day Gerry told me of his canoe, tied up at the dock by his house on the Virginia coastline. The thought of it waiting there for him made me imagine a beautiful journey beginning in still, lake-like waters. During this mythical voyage, the canoe gradually morphs into a sailboat entering the open ocean, with dolphins dancing ahead of the bow. By the end of the piece we've returned safely to shore, invigorated and peaceful. If I could soothe someone awaiting a root canal with these aquatic visions from my own life, I'd be very pleased.



Water Crossing CD
The premiere recording of the solo clarinet version of this piece, Water Crossing, is featured on F. Gerard Errante's 2010 CD,Delicate Balance, on Aucourant Records Aurec 1001. Click CD for more info.  
Atmospheres CD
Italian clarinetist Gianluca Campagnolo recorded the solo clarinet version of this piece, Water Crossing, for his 2015 CD, Atmospheres, on Taukay Edizioni Musicali TAUKAY 160. Click CD for more info.  
SEAMUS review



"...slowly-changing textures underscoring a pan-diatonic world with extended, expressive clarinet lines."

— Thomas Dempster, SEAMUS Magazine, July 2010



"...The adventurous composition, [Water Crossing], finds Gerrante's clarinet fluidly weaving through passages alternating between peaceful splendour and dramatic portent. "

— Textura Magazine, January 2011



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Enjoy clarinetist Gail Zugger
performing WATER CROSSING at Capital University
during the February 2023 NOW Music Festival
for which Alex Shapiro was composer-in-residence:






Enjoy this video of clarinetist Jeff Gallagher
performing WATER CROSSING,
on March 20, 2016 in Santa Cruz, CA:





Enjoy this video of the premiere performance
with Sue Collado, clarinet, and Pat Nelson, bassoon:



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