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for wind band
and prerecorded track.

Composed by Alex Shapiro
2019; Duration 3:20.
Published by Activist Music LLC (ASCAP).

Grade 2.5 and beyond.

This piece is very adaptable, and can work with any ensemble!


score cover



Click here to listen to a live recording of OFF THE EDGE, performed in March 2020 by the Center Grove Middle School Central Band in Greenwood, Indiana, conducted by Samuel Fritz. Play it loudly!


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AIF of live performance



OFF THE EDGE is available as a physical, bound set of score and parts plus audio download, or as a digital set of .pdf score and parts, plus audio download.
Full set: $80. Score only: $15.


Click here to order the PDF set from Activist Music ORDER OFF THE EDGE

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OFF THE EDGE instrumentation


Perpetual Spark, underscoring dusk over the San Juan Islands.

Enjoy a virtual video performance of OFF THE EDGE that was premiered on March 20, 2021 by the musicians of the North Carolina South Central District Bandmasters Association Middle School All-District Band, and beautifully edited by Ryan J. Williams.

Additional thanks go to Joshua K. Potter, Lisa Ratchford, and Ruth Petersen, the former director of bands at Bailey Middle School in Cornelius, North Carolina-- one of the participating commissioning schools for James Mobely's N-BEAM project!

Click the image above to play the video.



OFF THE EDGE was commissioned by James Mobley
and the Brownstown Middle School Band, with the participation of
the following members of the N-BEAM consortium:

• Brownstown Middle School, Brownstown, MI. 
James Mobley, Director, Consortium Lead School.

• Athens High School, The Plains, OH. 
Aaron Backes, Director.

• Bailey Middle School, Cornelius, NC. 
Ruth Petersen, Director.

• Blue Valley Middle School, Stilwell, KS. 
Ben Strain, Director.

• Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH. 
Dr. Kenneth Thompson, Director, Consortium Sponsor Partner.

• Boyd Arthurs Middle School, Trenton, MI. 
Peter Kopera, Director.

• Center Grove Middle School Central, Greenwood, IN. 
Samuel Fritz, Director.

• Discovery Middle School, Canton, MI. 
Marc Whitlock, Director.

• Eagle Staff Middle School, Seattle, WA. 
John Aguilar, Director.

• Exeter-West Greenwich Jr/Sr High, West Greenwich, RI. 
Gregg Charest, Director.

• Indio High School, Indio, CA. 
John Freeman, Director.

• Liberty High School, Bedford, VA. 
Will Satterwhite, Director.

• Miamisburg Middle School, Miamisburg, OH. 
Ryan Wintersheimer, Director.

• Morris Community High School, Morris, IL. 
Brock Feece, Director.

• Northbrook Junior High School, Northbrook, IL. 
Greg Scapillato, Director.

• Patrick Henry Middle School, Woodhaven, MI. 
Bradley Faryniarz, Director, Consortium Charter Member.

• Patrick Marsh Middle School, Sun Prairie, WI. 
Chris Gleason, Director.

• Plymouth Christian Academy, Canton, MI. 
Michael Hejka, Director.

• Plymouth Community Band, Plymouth, MI. 
Carl Battishill, Director.

• Prairie Star Middle School, Leawood, KS. 
Paul Aubrey, Director.

• Renton Junior High School, New Boston, MI. 
Brenda Bressler, Director.

• San José State University, San José, CA. 
David Vickerman, Director.

• Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. 
Brian White, Director.

• Shumate Middle School, Gibraltar, MI. 
David Brockington, Director, Consortium Charter Member.

• Southgate Anderson High School, Southgate, MI. 
Brendan Walter, Director.

• St. Charles East High School, St. Charles, IL. 
Jim Kull, Director.

• St. Claire High School, St. Claire, MI. 
Micah Volz, Director.

• Stoney Creek High School, Rochester Hills, MI. 
Lauren Staniszewski, Director.

• Traughber Junior High School, Oswego, IL. 
Rachel Maxwell, Director.

• Troy Middle School, Plainfield, IL. 
William Goetz and Jennifer Carlton, Directors.

• University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands,
Christopher Nichter, Director.

• University of Memphis, Memphis, TN.
Armand Hall, Director.

• University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. 
Scott Teeple, Director.

• Van Wert High School, Van Wert, OH. 
Robert Sloan, Director.

• West High School, Columbus, OH.
Jochen McEvoy, Director.




The New Band Electro-Acoustic Music (N-BEAM) consortium was created in 2016, with the mission of fostering the creation and performance of new EA concert band literature for younger musicians.  A trio of established composers - Benjamin Taylor, Daniel Montoya, Jr., and Alex Shapiro - were selected to bring their unique musical talents to this project. The N-BEAM consortium thanks the Bowling Green State University College of Musical Arts, Dr. Kenneth Thompson, Director, for its sponsorship support.




(email Alex for code access)

PERUSAL ONLY; not for performance or duplication.



9 x 12; 24 pages including cover and notes.

perusal score, 9 x 12-single-side



The edges of a harbor seal hang over the edges of a shoreline rock in the San Juan Islands.

The edges of a harbor seal hang over the edges of a shoreline rock in the San Juan Islands.




What happens when a composer who loves the pop music of the '80s and '90s hangs out in dance clubs blasting house music in the 2010s? OFF THE EDGE offers a 140 bpm-thumping, EDM-jumping clue!


PROGRAM BIO for Alex Shapiro Photo and bio

Alex Shapiro bio and photos


The edges of a rainbow meet the edges of San Juan Island.

The edges of a rainbow meet the edges of San Juan Island.





The accompaniment track should be played back LOUDLY! It adds a complex set of syncopations to the piece, while the percussion players keep a steady beat (we hope).


The piece is at a snappy tempo (unrelenting quarter note = 140). Because the music is designed along the lines of a pop tune, it's very sectional and motive-driven. Included in the score is a page, as pictured below, that maps out the themes and motives and will assist with getting the students comfortable with the rhythms and fingerings a few bars at a time, starting at a slower rehearsal tempo.


I encourage the band directors to make the MP3 of the piece available to all their students, so that they can listen and absorb the syncopated rhythms. In fact, a good way to start the first rehearsal is to blast the demo recording in the band room. I'll also make the accompaniment track (with the click track) available to them so that they can practice at home and annoy their parents. Invite them to email me for the access code.


OFF THE EDGE is fun for players of any age, but for younger musicians it will be especially useful for introducing them to playing syncopated motives on the off beat.


One way to begin rehearsals is to set a metronome to any slower tempo, and count measures in 8ths: one AND two AND three AND four AND. Have the musicians sing or clap out their parts to better understand the pulse, the subdivision of 8th notes, and the off-beat nature of many of their entrances and phrases. One specific performance note: it's important for the clarinets and anyone else with the ostinato to pay attention to the accents and articulations, because that will make or break the groove feel.


I am truly grateful for the vision that James Mobley had in 2016, when he decided that the young musicians of the wind band world needed to have more electroacoustic works created for them, other than just PAPER CUT! My enormous thanks to the 35 adventurous band directors and their schools, who participated in the creation of this and the other two pieces of the N-BEAM Consortium, Benjamin Taylor's TECHNO BLADE, and Daniel Montoya Jr.'s AXE TO GRIND. And yes, when choosing a title, I decided to stick to the unplanned theme of, "sharp and dangerous things"!




Here's something VERY helpful: a complete guide to the software and hardware setup for your band room and performance venue.



pdf of tech guide



Motive analysis found in score.

A teaching sheet of motive analysis is found in the score.


The edges of the Olympics meet the edges of the clouds.

The edges of the Olympics meet the edges of the clouds.



N-BEAM organizer and head commissioner
Jim Mobley (far left)
is a generous and patient man,
as you'll see during this impromptu chat
amidst the din of the 2017 Midwest Clinic
with the three N-BEAM composers,
(L-R): Daniel Montoya Jr., Alex Shapiro,
and Benjamin Taylor.
Listen to them discuss (and laugh about!)
the process behind this project: 


If you have never, ever listened to a podcast recorded while a carpet Zamboni is doing laps behind the guests in a massive convention center, well, this is your chance! As the 2019 Midwest Clinic wrapped up (and, cleaned up), Alex, Benjamin Taylor and James Mobley joined Daniel Montoya Jr. for an entertaining, if rather ear-straining, episode of his show, Sketchbook.

Sktechbook podcast






Skype, Zoom, etc. are wonderful tools for affordably bringing Alex into your rehearsal, without having to book a plane flight! She has a great time coaching students, and the difference between their musicianship at the beginning of the rehearsal and by the time it ends, is remarkable.

Alex can tell the band about how the piece was created and engage them in conversation, and even show them how her digital project studio works! It's also easy to arrange to have her say hello to the audience during a concert, via a custom video. Webhearsals connect musicians to the real person-- and the stories-- behind the notes on the music stands.

The best way to reach Alex Shapiro is through email,
by clicking here 
email Alex

You can also leave a voice message or a fax at:
(270) 916-0093.

To see some examples of webhearsals, and the view Alex loves to share from her desk, click here.

A December 2012 Skypehearsal with Alex in her studio on San Juan Island, and band director Mary Bauer and Mt. Mansfield Union High School in Vermont, rehearsing PAPER CUT.








Alex has written an extensive two-part article about electroacoustic band music and the uses of multimedia in the concert world. The essay, titled The e-Frontier: Music, Multimedia, Education, and Audiences in the Digital World echoes multimedia presentations she has given at The 2013 Midwest Clinic, the 2014 TMEA convention, and countless other seminars, and appears in the June and September 2014 issues of the magazine of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles, WASBE World. The pdf is offered here with the very kind permission of the organization.

Click here for the full .pdf file readThe e-Frontier


Teaching Music Through Performance


Alex's unique electroacoustic wind band pieces for high school musicians, TIGHT SQUEEZE, and PAPER CUT, are featured in the field's best known book/CD series, Teaching Music Through Performance in Band, Volume 10, edited by Eugene Migliaro Corporon and released by GIA Publications December 2014.





Enjoy a virtual video performance of OFF THE EDGE, from the musicians of the Hendrix College Wind Ensemble, conducted Dr. Gretchen Renshaw James:


The edges of the Cascades meet the edges of the San Juan Islands.

The edges of the Cascades meet the edges of the San Juan Islands.




The VERY best way to reach Alex is through email, by clicking here Email Alex!

Email Alex!

You can also leave a voice message or a fax at:
(270) 916-0093, and she'll return your call.

Call Alex!
Alex Shapiro at the Hal Leonard Booth at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, December 2014.


There's a lot more Shapiro band music to hear!

Head on over to THIS PAGE for an overview of Alex's wind band pieces. You can listen to each one, read all about it via a link, and if desired, request a free pdf perusal score. Have fun!



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